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Learn Meditation through Tai Chi and Qigong at The San Francisco Hunyuan Taiji Academy

Learn Meditation through Tai Chi and Qigong at The San Francisco Hunyuan Taiji Academy
Gina Gutierrez, Associate Partner + GM

Evening and weekend classes in Hunyuan Tai Chi, Dynamic Qigong, Primordial Qigong, and Meditation

We offer 90-minute classes in Chen-style Hunyuan Tai Chi, Dynamic Qigong and Primordial Qigong  & Meditation for:

• improved health and vitality

• core body conditioning, flexibility, strength and balance

• centering, relaxing, rooting, and generating internal energy

• body-mind-spirit integration.

We place a strong emphasis on fundamentals in Tai Chi and Qigong training, from correct posture and body mechanics, through inner energy cultivation and flow, to relaxation, continuity, and personal expression in movement. We especially encourage those recovering from stress, illness, injury, or chronic pain to try our Dynamic Qigong and Primordial Qigong & Meditation classes.

Our classes are small, and beginners are welcome at any time. The first week of trial classes are free. See our schedule for class days and times: View schedule

Private lessons are also available.

• Located in the 1890 Bryant Street Arts Building, on the corner of Bryant and Mariposa, near Potrero Hill. Plenty of free street parking (no meters!) in our area during evening and weekend class times. View map

• Instructor: Malcolm Dean. Gold Medalist, Men’s Forms, Beijing 2007.  View bio


For more information, see our Website

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  1. I have been taking Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes with Malcolm for the past 6 months and it’s truly been a life changing experience. Malcolm is an extremely gifted teacher who gives each student individual care and attention and has a deep commitment to making sure they get their needs met, on the deepest level possible. The practice itself has given me a whole new awareness of the energy that runs through my body and given my more energy, relaxation and well being in my day to day. I have seen Qi Gong and Tai Chi heal my classmates struggling with very difficult aliments in extraordinary ways (doctors themselves were amazed!). All this to say, I highly recommend the Hunyuan Taiji Academy to anyone looking to bring a deeper level of well being into their lives!

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